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Avoidant Attachment

January 25, 2024 Wysteria Edwards BA, Ed.M. Season 2
Simple & Deep™ Podcast
Avoidant Attachment
Show Notes

In this enlightening episode, we dive deep into one of the four attachment styles of children - Avoidant Attachment, inspired by Wysteria Edwards' book, "Waiting for Mister Rogers: Teaching with Attachment, Attunement, and Intention." 

Throughout the episode, we explore avoidant attachment, its impact on emotional expression, trust issues, and forming close relationships. These challenges also extend to interactions with therapists and support group leaders. Another theme discussed is the struggle to express love despite a deep desire for connection.

This episode offers valuable insights into conquering avoidant attachment. Let's cultivate patience and compassion as we navigate the unresolved issues in our hearts.

Avoidant attachment doesn't define us forever; effective strategies and self-awareness can help navigate fears, foster growth, and cultivate confidence. Embracing vulnerability is key to nurturing fulfilling relationships.

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